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Pearl Jam
August 14, 1992
Lollapalooza Festival - Lake Fairfax Park
Reston, Virginia, USA
Rare Trade
with PRO Clips
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Animal Projects

  • Once
  • Why Go
  • Jeremy
  • Hunger Strike [w/ Chris Cornell on vocals]
  • Breath
  • Even Flow [w/ Ben Shepard of Soundgarden on bass]
  • (Sweet Emotion)/Alive
  • Porch/(Improv - We Want Control of Our Bodies)

Taken from Five Horizons
Shot from right of center (facing stage). The taper was standing in the crowd so heads get in the way a bit, but for the most part the view is good. The angle is such that we can't see Dave at all though. He's hidden behind a side wall. Chris Cornell from Soundgarden almost starts singing because Eddie is running late.  After Jeremy Eddie is still out of breath from running to the venue and says, "I need to catch my breath... which gives us a good opportunity -- we haven't done this at all the whole tour. We're gonna play a Temple song for you." They strum a bit of Pushin' Forward Back to tune up. Chris comes in to sing Hunger Strike. Eddie sings back up as usual but he's hidden behind the same side wall that obstructs us from Dave. Before Alive Eddie sings the chorus to Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) a few times. Another guitar smashing at the end of Porch but it isn't Mike -- this time it's Stone.

PCM Stereo (DAT Audience Recording)
Include PRO clips taken from the YT FreeAss Records channel.

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