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Jim's one attempt at cinematic expression, his legendary 1969 experimental film, HWY: An American Pastoral.

HWY is a stark 50-minute-long film, almost completely without dialogue. The references to '60s cinema are abundant. The influences of Jodorowsky, Antonioni, Warhol, Anger, and Godard seem to be present. Created by former film students, the references were most likely intentional (especially in the case of Morrison) and, in this way, HWY will likely have a much deeper meaning to experimental film students than to the average Doors fan.

In a 1969 interview with Howard Smith, Morrison summarized the film: Essentially, there's no plot, no story in the traditional sense; a person, played by me, comes down out of the mountains and hitchhikes his way through the desert into a modern city, which happens to be L.A., and that's where it ends.

The only reason I [acted in HWY] is because I couldn't think of anyone else to do it, you know, and it was just as easy for me to do it. I might do some films. I don't know. I'm not that crazy about being an actor, I'd rather be a director or a writer, something like that, but you know, if I had the chance, I'd probably do a few films. Why not? Jim Morrison recalls.

This copy comes from a rare 3rd generation source taken from a 16mm workprint of the film. There is a timecode at the bottom of the screen as there is on all circulating copies, but this is the best quality DVD circulating.
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Jim Morrison - HWY : An American Pastoral

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