Video Recordings

Neil Young
September 25, 1984
Austin City Limits (Complete Broadcast)
Austin, Texas, USA
Stonecutter / kingrue
Panasonic deck > DVD9
Multi-Camera Pro-Shot > VHS 3rd generation

  • Intro
  • Are You Ready For The Country? 
  • Hawks and Doves
  • Comes A Time
  • Bound For Glory
  • Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
  • Are There Any More Real Cowboys? 
  • Heart Of Gold 
  • Amber Jean 
  • Roll Another Number 
  • Southern Pacific 
  • The Needle And The Damage Done (solo)
  • Helpless
  • California Sunset
  • It Might Have Been
  • Soul of A Woman
  • Field of Opportunity
  • Old Man
  • Powderfinger
  • Get Back To The Country
  • Down By The River

COMPLETE taping of Neil's one and only appearance on Austin City Limits in 1984.

Taped early on with Neil's new "Country" band The International Harvesters,it already shows what a great band this was. Neil will hold them together for about two years but sadly doesn't do much released studio stuff with them. A few years ago,when Neil released the recommend "A Treasure",this video should have been part of it, why it wasn't I have no idea.(I'll assume rights and money.) Anyhoo ,it wasn't but it remains, by far, the longest and best International H.'s footage there is.

One of the things that make this release so important, besides the extra 5 unbroadcast songs, is the fact that you see the taping in it's correct order. Now I know some songs may have to be cut to fit the bdcast (Although, that is suspect too!).  You see what amounts to a full concert in the correct song order. 

As for the video itself, well it's an M-3 (3rd gen) off the Master Reel. It's really nice quality but it does have a few issues here and there, some audio dropouts,etc... but certainly nothing major. With a little TLC some clever Neil fan I'm sure could make some tweaks and it will be even better. It needs a menu and chapter stops and maybe even some fixes from a bdcast copy. 
With The International Harvesters

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