Video Recordings

Judas Priest
September 3, 2005
Palacio de los Deportes
Mexico City, Mexico
Retribution World Tour
Rare Trade
Mike Fury / David
Venue internal feed -> Venue master DVD -> Dell laptop PC -> LG external DVD drive -> DVD-R
Mike Fury

  • The Hellion/Electric Eye
  • Metal Gods
  • Riding on the Wind
  • A Touch of Evil
  • Judas Rising
  • Revolution
  • Breaking the Law
  • I'm a Rocker
  • Diamonds and Rust
  • Deal With the Devil
  • Beyond the Realms of Death
  • Turbo Lover
  • Hellrider
  • Victim of Changes
  • Exciter
  • Painkiller
  • Hell Bent for Leather
  • Living After Midnight
  • You've Got Another Thing Comin'

VH1 Classic Hangin' With
  • Diamonds & Rust
  • Worth Fighting For

Here's a rare full-length pro-shot DVD of Judas Priest performing in Mexico City, Mexico. This does not come from a TV broadcast, but instead it was recorded directly from the venue's internal feed that was projected on the big screens. David, the person who kindly leaked this recording, happened to be friends with someone working for the organisers of the concert. The employee in question managed to "borrow" the master recording and give it to David so he could make himself a copy, after which the master was returned to where it was taken from before anyone noticed anything. David states that he has only traded this DVD to a few people in the past.

Because this is taken directly from the internal feed there's no edits or TV station logos in sight; this is the full show from start to finish. The audiovisual quality is much better than on another pro-shot bootleg DVD from this tour (Santiago, Chile recorded 10 days after this). The video looks a bit "soft" and could probably use a bit more contrast, while the audio is clean but lacks a bit of punch. Also, there's some very occasional short pauses in the video when the camera changes to another, however the audio stays continuous all the time so it shouldn't be a problem. When taking into consideration that the footage was never intended for public showing, it's near-perfect. Overall this should be a great addition to any Priest fan's collection!


Rob Halford: vocals
Glenn Tipton: guitars
K. K. Downing: guitars
Ian Hill: bass
Scott Travis: drums
Mexican Retribution

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