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There have been some slight extra changes made to this version, mainly the fixing of dodgy synch from the original film. A couple of bits come to mind, such as Mal Evan's anvil banging in Maxwell's Silver Hammer and parts of John's vocal on Dig It, but there were also out-of-synch moments in a lot of other songs. It should be pointed out that many (or even most) of the cutaways and closeups come from different takes or, worse still, completely different songs. 

So you can't really expect these sorts of shots will ever look right. In such cases I just left them as they are.

I also fixed the ending of Two Of Us which previously switched to mono. I'd overlooked the fact that the stereo ending can be found on one of the Naked promo videos.

The resynched audio is based partly upon work I originally did for Unsurpassed Promos disc 4. I was then pointed in the direction of a cd compiled by enryTheHorse which uses the Nagras to reconstruct the movie soundtrack. This saved me all the trouble of identifying and locating all the scores of different fragments used in the first half of the film which, in all honesty, I would not have had the knowledge to do. Unfortunately his cd was not synched to the film images, so that meant a hellish night spent aligning it to the optical soundtrack. A couple of bits (= One After 909 and I Me Mine) sounded better on the optical soundtrack to me so I didn't use those. In doing so I innadvertantly cut out a four letter word from George at the start of I Me Mine... here expletive in question has been restored to its rightful place in the proceedings...

The optical soundtrack used here is actually from the BBC broadcast, which sounded noticeably better than the German one (although it's still horrible by any decent standards!)


Audio Selections:
  • Reconstructed HiFi Mono
  • Original Mono Soundtrack

Let It Be: The Movie (Uncropped 16mm Edition)

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