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Velvet Revolver
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Aired on 2004-12-01
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42:42 Mins

It's January 2003, several years after former Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum walked away from the band that made them rock stars. And here they are in a North Hollywood rehearsal studio trying to rekindle their undeniable musical chemistry. All they need is the perfect singer. But finding a worthy front man hasn't been so easy; it's already been an eight month search and they're running out of ideas.

As a last ditch effort, the band (which also include Slash's school friend, Dave Kushner) puts an ad in the paper in hopes of finding an unknown talent. After hundreds of submissions and a few in-studio auditions prove uninspiring, the band reaches a near breaking point.

But a glimmer of hope arrives in the form of Scott Weiland, who is on an extended hiatus from his multi-platinum powerhouse, Stone Temple Pilots. From the very first rehearsal with Scott, it is clear to Slash, Duff, Matt & Dave that Scott is a rare breed. An authentic rock n' roll front man in an era mostly dominated by dull wannabees striking a pose. He's the perfect guy.

On what seems to be a near perfect path to rock n roll glory, Velvet Revolver hits a speed bump: Scott's drug related arrest 2 months after joining the band. But instead of giving up on the singer that solidified its vision, the band uses its own checkered history to help Scott get through it. The loyalty pays off as the band records a straight up rock record that becomes a radio staple.

Over a year in the making, (Inside)Out follows the ups and downs of Velvet Revolver: from the rehearsal studio to band meetings to the "Slither" video shoot. You’ll go backstage with Velvet Revolver and experience their first live performance, and see VH1’s intimate interviews with the band members (and with some who tried to sing their way into the band before Scott arrived).
VH1 Inside Out: The Rise Of Velvet Revolver

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