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Eddie Vedder
November 13, 1999
House of Blues
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Global Voodoo
Low gen vhs (2nd?)>DV>Firewire>CCE>Premiere Pro>DVD
Global Voodoo
Global Voodoo

  • Last Kiss
  • Improv
  • Elderly Woman
  • Watch Outside
  • Running Out of Time
  • Untitled
  • Driven to Tears
  • Wishlist
  • Love -> Building on Fire
  • Leaving Here
  • I am a Patriot
  • encore (w/ The Who): Let's See Action

Easter Egg

Ed comes out smiling, very happy, with a new acoustic guitar. He performs 'Last Kiss' solo and talks a bit about Walter Payton's death, which leads him to a discussion about how it make him think about dying and what you do will all your stuff when you die. (2,560k) He does a little improv (which he calls a new song he just wrote, that no one has ever heard unless you were on my hotel balcony). Telling the very (loud) talkative audience that they'll like this, it has a punch line, he performs this little song about stuff, and people you love, and what happens to it all; the punchline in question is, Oh, I hope I don't die, but if I do, I'm gonna leave it all to The Who. (2,827k) He then asks the audience if he should switch to electric or if they want to hear Small Town (Ed's name for Elderly Woman). He's trying to get the guitar to sound good, and holds it up and tells everyone proudly that this is new, it used to belong to Pete, and that his wife bought it for him at an auction on Thursday night. He tells how the bidding was going very very high, and that she turned to him and said, A banker is *not* going home with that guitar! This leads to 'Elderly Woman' and then Ed brings out Jon and Brad. They are VERY on and even do the 'Untitled' song from Live on Two Legs, seemingly note for note. (2,005k) Ed has painted his black Schecter with Walter Payton #34. Like the previous night, they do 'Wishlist' with Jon taking the guitar solo on bass. Leading to 'Patriot': If you're from Chicago, I love ya; if you're a Who fan, I love ya. [By the way, The Who were fantastic, and once again Ed comes on with Jon and Brad for Let's See Action; Ed has some problems with Roger's teleprompter not scrolling fast enough, but it's still great fun for all.]

Audio: minor flaw in the beginning (short crackle), Crackling during I Am A Patriot. incomplete, missing the encore (Let`s see action with The Who) Another great show from 1999 too bad the crowd couldn't give Ed some respect instead of rambling through out the whole set.

Audio: Mix: Nakamichi 700 > Sony TCD-D7 > DAT (M) > CDR + vhs Audio

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