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Pearl Jam
June 17, 1992
City Square
Milan, Italy
2nd gen VHS

  • Even Flow
  • Why Go
  • Jeremy
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Improv (The Part Where I Play the Pope)
  • Black
  • Alive
  • Improv (Once In Our Lives) 
  • Once
  • Footsteps
  • (Three Little Birds)/Deep
  • (When the Saints Come Marching In)/Porch
  • (Suggestion)/Garden
  • Rockin' In the Free World

Missing Oceans

Audio Sources:
  • AC3 Stereo ("Alive" Bootleg - remastered)
  • PCM Stereo: (ECM-909 + TV Broadcast (VHS) - remastered)

Taken from Five Horizons:
Broadcast on Italian television. Since it was pro shot with multiple cameras the closeups are excellent. We get to see all the band members equally and we don't miss out on any of the action. The sound is mixed well since it came from the soundboard. It's very easy to hear all of the instruments and the vocals. The titles are displayed at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each song. After the first verse of Black Eddie sees something in the crowd he doesn't like and says, "Hey you fuckers why don't you stop that." A short while later it looks like someone is trying to get up on stage and Ed fends them off with his mic stand and an irritated look. (Maybe the crowd surfing during Black seems a bit much?) The idiots out in the crowd who are causing problems obviously don't care what Ed thinks, because a minute later Eddie steps down toward the crowd to get their attention. He motions for them to cut it out, sings a line, and then spits in their direction. Apparently these people weren't happy about this, as Eddie then says, "C'mon spit on me! I don't give a --" A security guy is tugging at Eddie trying to get him back on stage and Ed turns around and gives the guy a push. "C'mon spit on me! I don't give a fuck!" He sings the last line and then says, "You guys are hurting people!" The song ends and Eddie returns to the stage. "Let's talk for a second. Everyone..." Someone up front asks what the problem is and Eddie looks at him and says, "You say 'Why not?'... You're hurting people... up front. Every time you jump up..." -- and Ed then simulates the consequences by bending over and bashing his microphone on the back of his head -- "and I'm not gonna watch it... What?... You want your money back? You can go get your money back -- that's okay. We'll give it to you twice back! We just have friends up here that are listening to stories." Those who aren't causing problems are apparently confused, thinking Eddie is mad at all of them. They are yelling to Eddie and he responds, "I love you too! Just don't hurt anybody! I want to be your friend. I want us all to be friends. That's all -- it's cool..." and then he bonds a bit with the fans in the front to show them no hard feelings. The crowd obviously reacts well to this, as they are cheering and applauding. "Is everyone okay now? I just want... we all... want you to stay Alive." The Part Where I Play the Pope and Once in Our Lives are both improvs, with similar music but different lyrics made up by Eddie. Eddie during Once: "IIIIIIII've got nothin' to say... in Italian." That's good. Dutch and German are enough for one tour. PJ played a 75 minute show this night, and apparently it was then edited into two different 60 minute shows to be aired on Italian TV on different dates.

Cover Artwork
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