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Pearl Jam
June 5, 1992
Rock Am Ring Festival
Nurburg, Germany
Rare Trade
2017 Upgrade
Lello Campana Tape's Collection (Italy)
2nd Gen Vhs > S-VHS JVC Player > MiniDV > Vegas Pro > Mpeg2 > Architect 5.2 > DVD5
Lello Campana
Animal Projects

  • Even Flow
  • Why Go
  • Jeremy
  • Deep
  • Alive
  • Black
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Once
  • Porch
  • (Suggestion)/I've Got A Feeling
  • Rockin' In the Free World

Audio : LB Master audience recording / PCM Stereo
Video: New 2017 Transfer and Audio Dubbing with no cuts.

Taken from Five Horizons:
Stone is very energetic this evening. Jeff moves around a lot as well. They may be trying to keep warm; this was an outdoor festival and PJ went on after dark, and you can see their breath. The crowd around the taper claps in time to the drum beat for the beginning of Why Go and it's a little annoying but they soon stop. Toward the end of Alive the crowd sings the chorus repeatedly, in time with the music. The song ends and the crowd keeps singing. Eddie doesn't know what they're doing at first, asking, "What're you singing?" It slowly dawns on him and he just stands there listening, with a smile on his face. The band leaves the stage after Porch, and when they return Eddie begins singing Suggestion. This leads into an improv that many people call "The First Time" and from there it smoothly changes into I've Got a Feeling. After the song is over Eddie says, "On Porch, Stone got hit with a bottle. He's gonna have a scar right above his eye so he'll never forget this night." Eddie introduces Rockin' in the Free World by saying, "This ain't our song, but it's the last song we're gonna play and the first time we played it was at Berlin (that was 3/9/92), so we'll play it tonight." The crowd knows the song, as you can hear fans around the taper singing the chorus even though Eddie didn't tell them the title. This is just an average vid for a couple of reasons. The camera is very shaky at the beginning, but it gets better as the show progresses. The taper shot it from the floor just right of center (facing stage) and did a decent job of shooting around the heads and getting closeups when possible. Unfortunately, this was a straight-forward PJ show. The band doesn't talk much to the crowd and nothing out of the ordinary happens. This may be due to the fact that this was the first show of the European summer tour and the crowd was much larger than they were used to playing.

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