Video Recordings

Page & Plant
September 29, 1995
Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Third Eye
Nocturne Video Productions
1 Hr 57 Min
Third Eye Production

01. Egyptian intro
02. The Wanton Song
03. Bring On Home
04. What Is And What Should Never Be
05. Thank You
06. No Quarter
07. Hey Hey What Can I Do
08. Hurdy Gurdy (solo)
09. Callows Pole
10. Since I've Been Loving You
11. The Song Remains The Same
12. Going To California
13. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
14. Friends
15. Four Sticks
16. Whole Lotta Love
     - Light My Fire
     - Break On Through
     - Dazed and Confused
     - encores
17. Black Dog
18. Kashmir

Audio: Soundboard / Audience Patch (AC-3)

Third Eye Productions 2009 Remaster notes:

the audio in a couple of places it seemed as though there was a strange echo, almost like the sdbd track and the DAT tape were out of sync causing a "phasing." I assure you this is not the case, the 2 audio tracks are in perfect sync every frame of this video. After muting the DAT track I found that the echo sound was coming from the sdbd track, it appeared to be either an audio effect that they applied on purpose or more likely by accident. The 2 spots I am talking about are in "Hey, Hey" and in "Since I've Been Loving You" right after Jimmy's intro solo and Robert comes in to say "I've been working from seven baby.."