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Bob Dylan
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1. Girl From The North Country (1964, Quest)
2. Ballad Of A Thin Man (1966, Eat The Document Outtake)
3. I Threw It All Away (1969, Johnny Cash Show)
4. One Too Many Mornings (1969, studio with Johnny Cash)
5. Blowing In The Wind (1971, Concert for BanglaDesh)
6. One More Cup Of Coffee (1975, Renaldo & Clara)
7. Simple Twist Of Fate (1975, The World Of J. Hammond)
8. Maggie's Farm (1976, Hard Rain)
9. Gotta Serve Somebody (1979, Saturday Night Live)
10. When He Returns (1980, Toronto, Born Again Music)
11. License To Kill (1983, unreleased promo video)
12. Jokerman (1984, promo video)
13. Emotionally Yours (1985, promo video)
14. I Should Be Released (1986, Martin Luther King Day)
15. Just Like A Woman (1986, Hard To Handle, Australia)
16. Political World (1989, promo video)
17. One Irish Rover (1989, Athens, with Van Morrison)
18. Mr. Tamborine Man (1990, Roy Orbison Tribute)
19. Forever Young (1993, Letterman)
20. Hard Times (1993, Willie Nelson's Big Six-O)
21. Ring Them Bells (1994, Nara/Japan)
22. All Along The Watchtower (1995, R'n'R Hall Of Fame)
23. Positively 4th Street (1996, Hyde Park)
24. Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (1997, Performance for the Pope)
25. Not Dark Yet (1997, promo video)
26. Love Sick (1998, Grammy awards)
27. Train Of Love (1999, Johnny Cash Tribute)
28. Things Have Changed (2000, promo video)
29. Cry A While (2002, Grammy awards)

This DVD is a must have, on a par with no other collection. Dylan is seen & heard at all his breathtaking junctures; transient is the soul to nature as his spirit wanders through an array of inimitable faces, unique is the art to art as the artist himself. A true master spanning generations with such exceptional output even the closest contender frails in comparison, discarding any reputed rivals to the wayside.

If you're partial to or absolutely adore Bob Dylan, get Through The Years, Vol. 2. If you hate the man, get it and your respect will grow, taking you to the vaults of such methodical obsession you may end up traveling the world in search of his secret. Once found you're forever bound to spread it, until word returns that a girl named Victoria -- well she said it! -pk

Reviewed by kel637 on 15th April 2004

Through The Years Vol. II

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