Video Recordings


Date Venue Location Media Filming Format Gen. Version Catalog Type Art
2004.06.18 Tweeter Center Camden, New Jersey, USA 1 DVD Professional NTSC Master A-465 Tradeable
2005.10.21 Tim Festival Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1 DVD Professional NTSC Master A-466 Tradeable
2005.11.29 University Of London Union London, England 1 DVD Master Tradeable
2006.04.26 DAR Constitution Hall Washington, DC, DC, USA 2 DVDs Audience NTSC Master Adan A-467/468 Tradeable
2006.06.30 Les Eurockéennes de Belfort Belfort, France 1 DVD Master Tradeable
xxxx.xx.xx TVB Compilation 2 1 DVD Compilation Master Tradeable

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