Video Recordings


Date Venue Location Media Filming Format Gen. Version Catalog Type Art
1977.12.20 Capitol Centre Landover, Maryland, USA 1 Blu-Ray Professional NTSC Master Mick E. Gee Rare Trade
2001.03.13 Tokyo Dome Tokyo, Japan 1 DVD-DL Professional NTSC Webcast Kissmad / Mick E. Gee Artwork Case Rare Trade
2009.04.05 Estadio Club Atletico River Plate Buenos Aires, Argentina 1 DVD Professional PAL Master Lave Tradeable
2009.04.14 Estadio Nacional Lima, Peru 1 DVD Audience NTSC Master Unauthored Artwork Case Tradeable
2013.10.24 Budokan Hall Tokyo, Japan 1 Blu-Ray Professional NTSC 1080p w/Extras Tradeable
2020.12.31 Atlantis Hotel - Kiss 2020 Goodbye Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1 Blu-Ray Professional NTSC 1080p Animal Projects / TrollHD Artwork Case Rare Trade
xxxx.xx.xx Kissology: The Ultimate Collection Vol. IV (2002-2009) 3 DVD-DL & DVDs Compilation NTSC Various Gentle_Giant Artwork Case Tradeable
xxxx.xx.xx A&E Biography: KISStory 1 Blu-Ray Professional NTSC 1080p SDH Subtitles Available Artwork Case Rare Trade

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