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  • Moonlight Drive - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1967-03-04 (Master>Ana2)
  • Back Door Man - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1967-03-04 (Master>Ana2)
  • Who Do You Love - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1967-03-04 
  • Moonlight Drive - Avalon Ballroom,San Francisco 1967-03-04 (Master) MONO
  • Back Door Man - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1967-03-04 (Master) MONO
  • Who Do You Love - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1967-03-04 MONO 
  • Light My Fire - The Family Dog, Denver 1967-09-30 
  • Light My Fire - The Family Dog, Denver 1967-09-31 MONO
  • Rock Me - Winterland Arena, San Francisco 1970-02-06 (Aud) 2nd Gen
  • Carol - Winterland Arena, San Francisco 1970-02-06 (Aud) 2nd Gen

Remastered and compiled by Porsche.
Lossless available.
Tape Lineages:

Tracks 1-2 (1967-03-04 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco):

Track 3 (1967-03-04 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco):
"It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of The KSAN" Bootleg > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Tracks 4-6 (1967-03-04 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco):
Mono mixes of Tracks 1-3

Track 7 (1967-09-30 The Family Dog, Denver):
"First Flash Of Eden" Bootleg > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Track 8 (1967-09-30 The Family Dog, Denver):
Mono mix of Track 7

Track 9-10 (1970-02-06 Winterland Arena, San Francisco):
The first three tracks are a soundboard recording from the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco (the accepted date for these tracks is March 4, 1967 -- however, there's a chance they're actually from May 1967). The first two songs are sourced from a 2nd generation tape while "Who Do You Love" is sourced from a bootleg box set. This same version of "Who Do You Love" is often incorrectly included with copies of the March 7, 1967 Matrix show. The only change I made to "Who Do You Love" was swapping the channels to match the other two Avalon songs. Tracks 4-6 are simply mono mixes of Tracks 1-3 that I created for easier listening. It can be annoying to hear all the vocals in one channel and most of the instruments in the other. So, personally, I prefer to listen to the Avalon '67 tracks in mono and thought I'd include them as a bonus.

Track 7 is from a soundboard recording made at The Family Dog in Denver (September 30, 1967) and is the best quality I've been able to track down. A version I obtained that was labelled a master clone was missing the opening and definitely had noise reduction applied to it. So it was either a bootleg source that someone tried to pass off as a low gen or an incomplete version of the master source with noise reduction applied -- either way, I'd rather circulate the "First Flash Of Eden" source as it's better quality all around and likely came from a very low gen source. The only change I made to this track was some speed-correction. The original track was 9:07 long and ran too slow. (Track 8 is simply a mono mix of Track 7.) According to Greg Shaw, who supposedly transferred the original tape, there is a possibility that the recording attributed to this date may actually be from one of The Doors' December performances at the Family Dog in 1967. Though the "First Flash Of Eden" bootleg states that this song is from The Doors appearance at the Denver University Student Union the night before (September 29, 1967), Shaw claims that this song is all that survives from an entire reel recorded at the Family Dog and that it was the last song performed that night. What lends some credence to the bootleg label, however, is that The Doors' performance at Denver University was professionally filmed for an ABC-TV special called "Bruce Morrow's Music Power." Two months later, in November 1967, ABC chose to air only one song from that night in the special. Which song did the network broadcast? "Light My Fire." To date, no recording of that television special has surfaced, leading some to wonder if this song could actually be from that program.

Rounding out this compilation are two songs from the Winterland Arena show on February 6, 1970. These come from a 2nd generation audience recording and are the only songs to have surfaced. For some reason, a lot of the versions out there of this source are cut. Thanks to "wha happened" at the Freedom Man forums, I was finally able to get a complete source with no cuts to share with everyone. So a big thank you to him for helping out with this source.

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1967-1970 Live Compilation

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