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The Doors
September 22, 1967
Murray The K in New York
New York, New York, USA
1 CD
Low Gen
Video (Low Generation) > CDr
16 Bits
20 Min

  • Murray's Intro
  • Setting Up
  • Band Intro
  • People Are Strange (Flase Start)
  • Band Intro (False Start)
  • Band Intro (Take 1)
  • People Are Strange (Take 1)
  • Band Intro (False Start)
  • Band Intro (Take 2)
  • People Are Strange (Take 2)
  • Murray Pleads, Jim Threatens
  • Stand By
  • Band Intro (Take 3)
  • People Are Strange (Take 3)
  • Directing The Doors
  • Band Intro (Televised)
  • Light My Fire (Televised)

The Doors performs multiple takes of PAS for this TV program, the vocals are live but the music is pre-recorded.

Lossless available.

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