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The Doors
June 6, 1970
PNE Coliseum
Vancouver, Canada
Not For Trade
2 CDs
Audience/Soundboard Mix
2nd Generation Audience + One Hundred Minutes Bootleg
Vince Treanor
16 Bits

  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Alabama Song
  • Back Door Man
  • Five To One
  • When The Music's Over
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Albert King Joins
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Money
  • Rock Me
  • Who Do You Love
  • Albert King Exits
  • Petition The Lord With Prayer
  • Light My Fire
  • Tuning
  • The End

Third version, matrix (audience + Vince Treanor stage recording). Remastered by Liberty Man of The Freedom Man Forum. Added to the stage recording the missing parts as Albert Kings joins and exits from the audience, the pitch and speed was corrected and some light EQ's was done.

Lossless available.

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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