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The Doors
November 3, 1967
Continental Ballroom
Santa Clara, California, USA
1 CD
3rd Gen
3rd Generation
16 Bits

  • House Announcer
  • Soul Kitchen
  • Break On Trough
  • Alabama Song
  • Back Door Man [cut]
  • The End [cut]

This show is sometimes misdated to July 9, 1967. Compiled in October, 2006 from Metal Tape copies from Greg Shaw masters which were transfered in the late '80ies. Much thanks to Greg for all his hard work! Go buy his book if you can find it! NOT any part of this recording were released on 'Boot Yer Butt' (2003).

This Recording date is now more certain comfirmed thanks to the surface of the Guru '67 newspaper.

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