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The Doors
March 10, 1967
The Matrix Club
San Francisco, California, USA
2 CDs
2nd Gen
Peter Abrams
2nd Generation (Reel (2)>DAT>CDr)
16 Bits

  • My Eyes Have Seen You
  • Soul Kitchen
  • I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
  • People Are Strange
  • When The Music's Over
  • Money
  • Who Do You Love
  • Moonlight Drive
  • Summer's Almost Gone
  • I'm A King Bee
  • Gloria
  • Break On Through
  • Summertime [instrumental]
  • Back Door Man
  • Alabama Song
  • The End [cut] 

Soundboard, recorded by Peter Abrams. Remastered by jim4371. The Complete Matrix Set consisted in 4 CDs, where one is highlights Comp. The End [cut] is said to be from the date before (9th) and is the only survived song from that night, is also believed that the taper recorded this performance above the day before.

Lossless available.

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