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The Doors
September 15, 1968
Amsterdan, The Netherlands
1 CD
3rd Gen
3rd generation
16 Bits

  • Vince Treanor's Announcement
  • Tuning
  • Ray's Intro
  • Break On Through
  • Soul Kitchen
  • Alabama Song
  • Back Door Man
  • Hello, I Love You
  • Decisions
  • Light My Fire
  • The Unknown Soldier [cut]

A show without Jim cause he became hospitalized just prior the show. Ray took in vocals and the band decided to perform.

From original seeder:

The frequency range is very low ( but this is the case on all copies of Amsterdam , not only on my cassette ) , ca. 80-3000 Hz. There are little clicks every couple of seconds sounding like a vinyl recod w/ little crackes , they are there only after recording it / digitazing it .The help function of my program said the clicks come from " synchronisation problems " but they do not say what to do against it " when I am denoising the tape & then afterwards lift the upper mid frequencies , it sounds much better & clearer than the original , only the noise is not in front anymore, but I do never denoise completely because then you have this strange computer echo, then I rather hear a little noise.

"There were two tape sources for the Amsterdam show. The first cuts out during the 'Light My Fire' jam and the second which contains 'Light my Fire' in its entirety. However, neither tape seems to contain 'Unknown Soldier.' There is a rumour that floats around that 'Unknown Soldier' was played in Amsterdam, sung by Robbie, and a recording of this exists. I was merely asking why would almost the entire show surface, while one track would be "hoarded" or kept among the "inner circles" but we've already seen  such cases."

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