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Pearl Jam
September 1, 2005
The Gorge Ampitheatre
George, Washington, USA
1 Dual Layer DVD
Left Cam
mini dv>dvd (x3) via standalone dvd recoder at XP setting>mini DV>FCP>1 dvd-dl

01. i believe in miracles (MISSING)
02. elderly woman... (cuts in)
03. off he goes
04. low light
05. man of the hour
06. i am mine
07. crazy mary
08. black
09. hard to imagine [first time played since 9/6/1998]
10. given to fly (cuts in)
11. last exit
12. save you (cuts in)
13. do the evolution
14. alone
15. sad (cuts out)
16. even flow
17. not for you/(improv)
18. corduroy
19. dissident
20. mfc
21. undone [live premiere]
22. daughter/(improv)
23. in my tree
24. state of love and trust (MISSING)
25. alive
26. porch
27. love boat captain
28. insignificance
29. betterman
30. rearviewmirror
31. i won't back down
32. last kiss
33. crown of thorns
34. blood
35. yellow ledbetter
36. baba o'riley (cuts out)

* = live debut

I Won't Back Down is not included on the band's official bootleg series due to on stage technical error.

The video has a few minor cuts (all of which are documented on the song selection menu), Missing I Believe In Miracles and State Of Love And Trust. This is a Dual Layer DVD. Songs* are incomplete. 

For the cuts, the transitions are smoothed with dissolves and fades to black. Slideshows were considered but in the end it made more sense to dedicate every bit of disc space available for actual video.

Audio: Stereo Mix (Official mp3's + DPA 406 aud source (missing ledbetter & baba)

Cover Artwork Preview
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