Video Recordings

Artwork Case

Pearl Jam
November 18, 1997
Oakland-Alameda County Stadium
Oakland, California, USA
Opening for Rolling Stones
Inc 11/19
1st Gen VHS > DV > Firewire > CCE > Premiere Pro > DVD (NTSC 7000 kbps)
November 18: 1h-03m-42s + November 19: 22m-29s
Global Voodoo

I Got Shit
Hail Hail
Even Flow
Brain of J
Better Man
Do the Evolution

November 19
Sometimes, Hail Hail, Animal, Do The Evolution, Dissident, Even Flow

Audio Sources:

November 18
Dolby Digital 2.0: Schoeps CCM-4 > Sonosax pre-amp > Sony TCD-D100 > DAT > CD-R + Video Audio

November 19
Dolby Digital 2.0: Sonic Studios (DSM6) > SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8 > DA-20 > Monster coax > DiO 2496 > CEP 2.1 > FLAC frontend > FLAC + Video Audio

November 18 is shot from the far left with a decent zoom, Camera pans from time to time on the screen but overall is a nice video, especially since pj is playing in the rain. November 19 is shot from the screen and is incomplete overall very steady camera work

In absolutely pouring rain, stage hands come out to sweep water from the stage just before PJ's set. Surprise ... one of the people sweeping is Eddie! The whole band is dressed in grey and blue rainsuits and Ed notes, We came prepared. After 'Dissident,' Ed removes the rainsuit, balls it up and tosses it to the crowd, saying someone probably needs it more than him. During 'Even Flow,' Ed leans back trying to catch the raindrops in his mouth and Mike goes running down the side ramp. After a killer version of 'Jeremy,' Ed says, I used to think this song was old but the last three nights we found it again. Stone plays his ass off during 'Brain of J' while Ed is doing the swim. 'Rain' is a Beatles cover (they've covered 'Rain' previously). During 'Corduroy,' Jeff removes his raincoat and he and Ed do the Ed and Jeff lean. After 'Alive,' Ed makes reference to winding down for The Stones to begin (We're as anxious to see them as you are ...) and 'Black' ends the show, with Ed tossing in all of the emotive we belong together phrases. Despite the downpour and sound problems due to wind and rain, the crowd is really into it and cheering and PJ performs with a let's do it attitude.

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