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Pearl Jam
August 14, 1993
Gimli Motorsport Park
Gimli, Manitoba, USA
Pro #1
1st gen VHS (Pro-Shot) > Firewire > CCE > DVD

Even Flow
Why Go
Glorified G
Daughter/(Gimme Shelter)
State of Love and Trust
Sonic Reducer
Rockin' in the Free World
Baba O'Riley

Sunfest. Also referred to as 'Mudfest.'
2 great pro-shot steady cams on the sides plus a slighly shaky center one make this one a very good video.

Audio: stereo: [unknown mic > unknown DAT]

Taken from Five Horizons:

Pro shot with three cameras, one from each side of the stage and one from straight-ahead behind and above the crowd down front. The view of the band and the closeups are outstanding. Great shots of Jeff, Dave, and Stone but strangely even pro cameras manage to miss Mike most of the time -- he is so often so far off to the side that even multiple camera angles can't seem to get him in the picture. Eddie is obviously a bit intoxicated but it doesn't affect his performance. After Jeremy Eddie says, "How about a couple of new songs?... I think they're overdue." The sound got cut during Glorified G and later at the end of Go. The band blew the soundboard during the show. The sound in the video was taken from the main board and not the monitor board, which feeds the speakers the band listens to, so the crowd couldn't hear anything but the band never noticed. When they edited the sound in later they spliced in the end of Go a little too soon. The viewer hears the song end and Ed is still dancing wildly around. Then we see Jeff and Mike still playing like mad, and Dave ending the song with his rapid-fire drum beats, all while the audio is in between songs. The sound goes out again. When it comes back it matches the picture and it's fine for the rest of the show. Before Daughter someone in the front hands Eddie a cow doll to give to Stone. Eddie says, "Thanks!" and places it on the amps next to Stone's own, ever-present cow statue. It's almost an exact match. :) Eddie adds lines from the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter to the end of Daughter. Mike plays his solo for Go behind his head. Before Porch Eddie hops down off the stage to stand in the front of the crowd. Roadies go scampering after him to keep his mic cord from getting tangled and to keep an eye on him. Eddie yells, "Stone!" into the mic a couple of times to get his attention because he wants him to start the song. Eddie sings the first few lines in the crowd but is back on stage in a flash. During the jam Eddie points to various fans and chants, "You might not make it home tonight... It might be your turn." Still wanting to be Roger Daltrey he spins his mic cord again at the end of the song. "Okay campers!... Let's go out with a bang eh? We're very proud of you for hanging in there the whole day. I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow." (It had been raining all day, turning Sunfest into "Mudfest," as Eddie refers to it earlier in the show.) "This song's for the mud people," and the band kicks into Sonic Reducer. Good shots of Stone and Jeff singing backup. Mike and Stone switch roles on this one -- Stone plays the solo while Mike takes over rhythm. At the end Mike smashes his guitar repeatedly on the stage -- you can here the whacking sound with each hit -- but fails to break it. He slings it against one of the amps and Jeff comes over to give him a high-five. :) Stone introduces Mike's guitar tech, who came out to clean up the mess. Mike steps up to the mic and says several unintelligible sentences to the crowd. A fun version of The Who's Baba O'Riley ends the show. After the ending there is a short pause and then they repeat the ending. Eddie jumps up to Dave's drum kit, grabs some sticks and helps Dave with the big finish before falling backwards off the riser onto the stage.

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