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Pearl Jam
August 29, 1992
Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, Wisconsin, USA
Left Cam

Why Go
Even Flow
Improv (Hard To Imagine) ->
Baba O'Riley

Taken from Five Horizons:

Excellent Lollapalooza footage! The band is on fire and Eddie talks to the crowd a lot. Shot from the foot of the stage on Mike's side. The view of the band is near perfect and the closeups are excellent. Stone is on the far side of the stage for most of the performance but the trade off is that we get great closeups of Mike, who too often is ignored by vidtapers. This video starts about a minute into Why Go. After the song Eddie says, "Jesus you guys look fuckin' beautiful from up here!" He lunges a bit too hard at the beginning of Even Flow and ends up falling backwards onto the stage. Eddie repeats his quote from 8/22/92 about leaving the country if the Republicans win the election. After Black Stone strums the beginning of Hard to Imagine, and Eddie makes up a few lines of unintelligible lyrics. Long version of Porch, as Eddie disappears into the crowd to climb the rafters. He then slides down a cord back into the crowd and makes his way back to the stage. After the song is over Eddie is raring to play one more, and apologizes to someone at side-stage for taking so long. Something in the crowd down front catches his eye and he says, "Lemme see that thing. I'll give it back." He is handed a T-shirt that he holds up to read. It says, "Eddie for President," and his reaction is, "What the hell is this?! ... Are things that bad?!" Baba O'Riley (The Who) follows, and this is the best rendition by PJ I've heard and seen yet, with Al Jourgensen from Ministry helping out on guitar. Toward the end Eddie spins his microphone cord (a la Roger Daltrey) and then leaves the stage with, "Thanks very much -- have a great day! See ya!" If you look carefully from time to time you can see the reflection of the mosh pit in some windows on the far side of the stage.

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