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Pearl Jam
August 22, 1992
Bicentennial Park Grounds
Miami, Florida, USA
Team DZ
Low Gen VHS > DV > Vegas > DVD Architect (NTSC 29.97 fps, 720 x 480, 6000 kbps, 4:3)
Team DZ
Team DZ

Even Flow
Why Go
Rockin' in the Free World [w/ Al Jourgensen of Ministry]

Stereo: Bootleg CD: 'Lollapalooza '92' > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV
Missing some minutes of Jeremy cause the taper moved to the stage

Taken from Five Horizons:

Shot from the foot of the stage on Mike's side so the view is excellent. You don't get much closer to Mike and Jeff than this. Dave is hidden behind his drum kit again. Good closeups of Eddie. The camera splits time pretty evenly between all the band members. After the first song Eddie warns the photographers down front not to get too close because he can't control himself -- he's playing for all these people not cameras. Mike has a particularly good solo for Why Go. Before Deep Eddie gets the whole crowd to shout "FUCK!" in unison with him, because he can. The end of Jeremy gets cut off as the taper moves up on the stage. During Suggestion a groupie makes it on stage and wraps her arms around Eddie's waist. Ed says, "Do I know you?" and pries himself away and ignores her. (Hopefully fellow groupies in the crowd got the point and went away from this show a bit wiser.) Eddie looks around for something to climb during Porch while a crew member runs after him. Ed settles on climbing the rope ladder that goes up to the lighting rig. He thrashes about wildly for a bit and then returns to the stage. He then crosses over to the other side, where he scales the scaffolding surrounding the speakers. He admires the crowd for a minute from about 20 feet above them, and then falls sideways off the scaffolding into the pit below. With enthusiastic cheers the crowd catches him and carries him back to the stage. Then he says, "I'm really glad we got to come to Florida just one more time... because I'll be honest with you... if the Republicans win the election I'm fuckin' leaving the United States and I'm never comin' back." Al Jourgensen from Ministry shows up on stage for a minute during Rockin' in the Free World. Great performance. The band is very lively and is having a blast.

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