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Pearl Jam
March 27, 1992
Marquette University Varsity Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Ten - North America Tour - Part II
Central Cam
Video: 1st gen VHS

Even Flow
Why Go
Improv ->
State of Love and Trust
Rockin' In the Free World
I've Got A Feeling/(Dirty Frank)

Audio: stereo: [1st gen VHS]

Taken from Five Horizons:

The first six songs are shot from the balcony, then the taper moves down to the back of the floor and zooms in on the stage rather nicely, and with the improved location comes better sound (Eddie's vocals are better heard) but the closeups tend to focus on Eddie too much. After a slow opening song Eddie tells the crowd to be careful because the room has seats and they don't want people to get hurt, then the band kicks in with Even Flow. And Eddie has on that same ugly plaid flannel shirt he wore all through Europe. (I hope somebody washed it for him.) After Deep Ed says, "So I never went to school. I'm a little intimidated by all you educated people. But I learned this," and Alive starts. Fans who make it to the stage are promptly escorted off by security. Eddie: "State of Love and Trust -- play it for keeps Michael," and during the song we get a great view of Eddie and Mike leaning on each other back to back while Eddie sings. Stop-motion camera effects during Once really add to the power of the song. Good closeups of Mike during solos. Eddie scales the scaffolding during Porch and someone throws him his microphone. He sings a bit and then loops the mic cord through the scaffolding so he can slide down. However, instead of seeing this the picture and sound stop for a series of black and white stills of Ed descending to the stage. :( A bit of Soundgarden's Outshined before Leash. "Just for the record this band hates playing places with seats. We hope that was okay with you." After Leash Ed says, "We just wanna tell you... get good grades, make your parents happy... then kill them." Excellent jam on I've Got a Feeling to end the show. A fan makes it on stage and Eddie stops the security guy from dragging him off. The guy sings a few lines, with Eddie's encouragement. He and Eddie trades lines on the next verse, then the fan does an awesome stage dive while Eddie smiles in the background. :) Eddie stands on Dave's drum kit and then helps him drum a bit. Jeff gives his bass to a fan who makes it on stage and the guy jams with them for the rest of the song. Jimmy, from the Smashing Pumpkins (openers), appears to help Dave on drums. Eddie free falls off the stage into the crowd. An excellent performance and good closeups make this a great vid. 

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