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Pearl Jam
March 6, 1992
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Central Cam
Video: 1st gen VHS (PAL)

Even Flow
State of Love and Trust
Why Go
(Straight to Hell Now)/Garden
Improv ->
I've Got a Feeling

Awesome show, unfortunately there is a frame/field problem in the encoding that gives the entire DVD an interlaced look.

Audio: stereo: [1st gen VHS (PAL)]

Taken from Five Horizons:

Part 3 of the continuing "Awesome Show in Holland" saga. Tri-pod shot and straight-ahead so the picture is fairly steady, the view of the band is perfect and the closeups are well done. Camera time is split pretty evenly between all the band members. After the calm beginning with Wash Eddie explains that the last few nights a lot of people have been getting hurt and "it's taken away from the music. The stage level is right about where peoples' necks are and I'm really nervous that a few heads are just gonna come rolling freely unattached to the stage. Okay? So everybody right here (up front) -- an ocean, a sea of people, a sea of waves -- is a good thing. Just keep it in the sea -- no waves comin' up on stage alright? Are you alright with that? Once upon a time?..." And with that the band kicks in with Once. Eddie is pumped from the beginning, obviously still riding the natural high he enjoyed from the great audiences in Den Haag and Utrecht. (Natural is debatable. They were in Holland after all...) The whole band is having a great time, with Jeff feeling the bass and Stone bounding across the stage and back. During Porch there is no stage dives or rafter climbing from Eddie but we get something better -- Mike is soloing like mad in front of Eddie and Ed gently pushes him backwards into the crowd. The fans' upturned hands carry Mike, flat on his back and still ripping a solo, across the first few rows a bit and then gently set him back up on stage. (Why can't U.S. audiences be this cool?...) He then destroys his guitar, followed by Jeff explaining, "That was his favorite fucking guitar. His mother gave it to him when he was twelve." The second improv sees Eddie singing the beginning of Saying No over Dave's drum beat and then snapping pictures of the crowd. He goes to put down his camera and talk to a roadie who is gesticulating wildly, and when he comes back Stone points over towards Mike with an incredulous look on his face. Eddie heads that direction and almost runs into Mike, who is, at this point, completely naked, save for his guitar covering the naughty bits [tm]. Eddie stops in his tracks and exclaims, "Jesus!" Stone is cracking up. The band starts jamming and Eddie makes up lyrics, then they go into Leash. Eddie ad libs lines about Mike's nakedness, and occasionally a roadie scurries out on stage behind Mike to snap a Polaroid of his bare butt :) and they disappear off stage before he can do anything about it. Mid-song, Eddie, still laughing over Mike, exclaims, "I thought this was a straight edge band!" At the end of I've Got a Feeling the band leaves the stage one by one, and a fan pulled from the crowd is recruited by Eddie to play bass. Eddie gets Mike's guitar and the two "jam" for a minute, facing each other. Then Ed crosses his guitar neck over the guy's bass and for some Frogs' style noise. :) Ed takes a Polaroid of the guy in front of the crowd and then the curtain closes to Nirvana's Lithium. This vid should be on your top ten list of must haves and should be required viewing for all PJ fans in my opinion.

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