Video Recordings

Artwork Case

Pearl Jam
November 9, 1991
Tower Records
Rockville, Maryland, USA
Left Cam
1st gen VHS > JVC HM-DH30000U > JVC miniDV > Firewire > CCE > DVD

01 Wash
02 Black
03 Alive
04 (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
05 (Suggestion)/Porch

Audio: stereo: [1st gen VHS]

Taken from Five Horizons:

Excellent acoustic set! Only about 50 people attended this "show" intended to promote their first album, Ten. Eddie is in a good mood and it rubs off on the rest of the band. Before the set starts he is thumbing through a magazine, trying to pick out his first tattoo. He sees the camera and says, "Hi... Fuck you. Fuck you," while smiling and giving him the finger. "If we ever get famous it'll be on 'A Current Affair' or something -- fuck off Maury." :) He ad libs a line about tattoos at the beginning of Alive that makes the band laugh. The guys strum a bit of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes". Eddie looks around during Porch for something to climb and, finding nothing, stands on Dave's kick drum. The camera is right next to the band on Mike's side and the closeups are perfect. There are two other vids of this show: one shot from the back of the crowd from the right side (facing band) with a really obstructed view and another shot from the left which is very close but has some obstructions also.

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