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The Secret Life of Kurt Cobain
Bravo TV
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Main menu plays You Know You're Right

......I will never bother you, I will never promise to, I will never follow you, I will never bother you, never say a word again, I will crawl away for good, I will move away from

1. The Secret Life of Kurt Cobain
Length: 19:01


Various interviews from friends, Jesse Reed and Dylan Carlson, Kurt, biographers: Charlie Cross Heavier Than Heaven
and Michael Azzerad Come As You Are, Lee Renalda of Sonic Youth, Mark Arm of Mudhoney, Jeff Mason - Nirvana production manager,
Jonathan Poneman - co-founder of Sub Pop, photrogapher- Kevin Mazur, Buddy Arnold - drug recovery specialist, Courtney Love
and others. 19 minute documentary chronicals Kurt's life in his own words and through passages left behind in his journals and diaries that
friends and others that knew him shed light on him.

2. 100 Most Shocking Moments
Length: 3:02

Covers Kurt's suicide.

3. More Shocking Moments
Length: 2:45

Is Courtney Love crazy? Covers Courtney Love's, Krist and Dave Grohl's court battles over Kurt's and Nirvana's music.

4. VH1: Grunge
Length: 5:28 (incomplete)

Pearl Jam, Alice and Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Nirvana's grunge scene in Seattle.

5. More Than Music
Length: 20:57

Smell's Like Teen Spirit's impact......various interviews throughout.

6. Testimony: 20 years of Rock
Length: 7:20

Begins with REM's Losing My Religion.

Interviews with Lenny Kravitz, Billy Corgan Jr., Eddie Vedder and others.

These are not diaries the way a teenage girl had diaries. They were his private thoughts, lyrics, ideas for things, to-do lists, budgets.These recently published excerpts provide an exclusive window into the mind of a rock legend.
These are notebooks that were left on his coffee table; he at times encouraged people to read them. They show a man reaching for pop stardom, only to become dismayed once he found it. They show another side of Kurt: the talented artist, Gangster Rap fan, and man of faith.

This Kurt Cobain was anything but a slacker....He wanted to be a Rock Star.....early on....As new fans discover Kurt through songs like, You Know You're Right, his artistry lives on.

The fact that he died of his own hand, it's not going to be the ultimate story of what his music meant to that history of music....Others have spoken, now it's time to let Kurt tell his own story...As he wrote, When you wake up this morning, please read my diary, look through my things, and figure me out.

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The Secret Life of Kurt Cobain

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