Video Recordings

September 25, 1993
NBC Studios
New York, New York, USA
Saturday Night Live
PRO #1
Kris Sproul
JVC HR-S9911U > Sony DCR-TRV730 > IEEE 1394 > Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 > TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 > Adobe Encore DVD 2.0
TV > VHS(1) > AVI [DV25] > M2V/WAV [8Mbps CBR/48kHz PCM] > DVDR
Kris Sproul
Kris Sproul

01. Intro
02. Heart-Shaped Box
03. Rape Me
04. Credits

01. Music Scoupe 09/24/93 (09/08/93 clips)
02. The Week In Rock 10/02/93 (the band discussing In Utero, 09/11/92 clip, 07/23/93 clips)
03. ABC In Concert 10/08/93 (Krist discussing Rock The Vote)



September 25, 1993
NBC Studios (Saturday Night Live)
New York, NY

Kris Sproul:

Here's an upgraded DVDR of SNL 93 from the original broadcast.
After some investigation, it appears that this is also a gen lower than
the PRO #1 on Chris Hill's DVD that circulated a while back. It turns out
that the tape he was working from had the same cuts as mine, and also
included at least some of the same filler (such as the 09/08/93 clips).
I had also questioned the gen a while back, when I realized that his tape
may have come from someone with an old list in which things recorded from
TV were masters, as I believe that's how his was labeled (making it an
actual TV>VHS(2)). Regardless, it's clear that his came from a copy of the
tape I used, due to the same exact cuts and content, and I know for sure
that the person I borrowed the tape from taped this all straight from TV
himself, so this one should definitely be a gen better than Chris's version.
It's also sharper and nicer looking overall, in my opinion.

I've also included a few extras, including the 09/08/93 clips, an MTV interview of the band when In Utero came out, and an ABC In Concert clip with Krist talking about Rock The Vote.

The menu probably looks familiar, as I used the one from my SNL 92 DVD with
slight modifications. I figured I'd keep the same theme, plus it made it easy.