Video Recordings


Alice in Chains
October 10, 2006
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sony DCR-DVD203(fixed shot) > DVD-RW x3@LP > TMPGEnc4XP > DVD files

01. Whale and Wasp intro
02. Again
03. Bleed The Freak
04. Grind
05. It Ain't Like That
06. Junkhead
07. Nutshell
08. Them Bones
09. Dam That River
10. Rain When I Die
11. *Layne Staley video tribute #1
- Acoustic Set -
12. Band talking about Layne
13. Don't Follow
14. Brother
15. Killer Is Me
16. No Excuses
17. Got Me Wrong
18. Down In A Hole
19. *Layne Staley video tribute #2
20. Sludge Factory
21. We Die Young
22. Heaven Beside You
23. Angry Chair
24. Man In The Box
- Encore -
25. Rooster
26. Would?

*Incomplete, this is when I did the disc switches.

Audio: Core Sound Binaural mics > CS Batt Box/Bass-Filter On > Microtrack 24/96(24 Bit Wav@48Khz)
Location: Upper Balcony, section 303, Row 1.
Conversion: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > 16/48 LPCM audio
Taper: geordy

Video Notes: For most of the show, this is a fixed shot from the balcony. I picked up the camera and actually filmed the last 3 songs. Wish I could have done that the entire show...oh well, something is better than nothing. It might be a little boring at times, but at least it's not too annoying to watch!

Audio Notes: No EQ was done to this recording. Thanks to Michael for grabbing the front row balcony tickets! There are a few instances of the sound being muffled because I would duck down to make sure the camera was still centered on the stage. Thanks to everyone in section 303, I didn't have a single chatty person sitting near me, maybe a few whistles here and there. Kind of cool the way the mics pick up the ambient crowd noise from everyone below singing along once the show really gets going. Thanks to greg for sharing his recording of the last two songs to use on this video.

The show - The show started out with an electric set of 9 songs. The band left the stage and a video tribute to Layne Staley began playing as crew members brought out a rug, set up some stools, another drum kit, and some badass ambient lights. The band then came back out and began playing a 6 song acoustic set. Never thought I'd hear Don't Follow or Killer is Me live... The band left the stage again and another video tribute to Layne played as the crew took down the acoustic stage setup. The band then came back out and played a 7 song electric set. 22 songs total, nearly 2 hours.

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