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Led Zeppelin
Cosmic Energy (1969)
Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy

Led Zeppelin -1969 -Cosmic Energy - Collectors Edition -DVD Video

Communication Breakdown Promo 1969

The band is still using leftover equipment from the Yardbirds . A very young Led Zeppelin in this lip-synch promo . Great footage of Bonham stick- twirling and Page singing back-up vocals

Danish TV - March 17th 1969.

The first true Holy-Grail to circulate in the Zep community . This is young and vintage Zep . The band performs in front of a small studio audience made up off mostly teenagers . A broadcast in the UK in 1969 revealed the entire performance. This version is from a non-broadcast revealing slightly more footage.

Staines , England - March 25th 1969

This pro-shot Dazed & Confused is probably the earliest footage to appear of the band.

Paris TV - June 19th 1969

Absolutely the best footage to circulate in trading circles. This French variety show is a very unlikely setting , as evident by the audience. A complete Communication Breakdown & the last half of Dazed & Confused is shown . The band is shown backstage and walking onstage. The film footage also contains a soundcheck of Communication Breakdown with amazing footage of Bonham.

Whole Lotta Love - The Beat Club 1969

A strange video that includes topless dancers and great footage of Zep onstage against a radio-edit version of Whole Lotta Love
Cosmic Energy (1969)

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