Video Recordings

Arwork Case

Led Zeppelin
August 11, 1979
Knebworth Festival
Stevenage, England
1 Dual Layer DVD
G. Masters
2Hrs 40 Min
Genuine Bastard / Genuine Masters release

- The Song Remains The Same
- Celebration Day
- Black Dog
- Nobody's Fault But Mine
- Over The Hills And Far Away
- Misty Mountain Hop
- Since I've Been Loving You
- No Quarter
- Hot Dog
- The Rain Song
- White Summer
- Kashmir
- Trampled Underfoot
- Sick Again
- Achilles Last Stand
- Guitar Solo
- In The Evening
- Stairway To Heaven
- Rock and Roll
- Whole Lotta Love
- Communication Breakdown

The picture quality is fantastic. The sound is Dolby 5.1. I'd say the picture quality is slightly better than the earlier 'Knebworth 1979 Festival' set. They have also reduced the brightness slightly which gives a nice crisp black display instead of the fuzzy looking black normally seen. I don't think an official DVD release could look much better than this, the quality is that good! The sound is excellent. The only minor criticism is that the second half of the DVD does have a slight rumble which is noticeable during quieter sections and between songs. This has also been noticeable on other releases of the show however. Other than this, there is nothing that can be faulted on this release. (Ian Avey Dec 04)