Video Recordings

Iggy Pop
December 12, 1999
Nulle Part Ailleurs
Paris, France
Nightclubbing In Paris

1. Intro/Motorcycle,
2. Nazi Girlfriend,
3. Avenue B,
4. I Felt The Luxury,
5. I'm A Fool To Want You,
6. I Wish You Love,
7. One For My Baby,
8. Miss Argentina,
9. You Go To My Head,
10. Don't Smoke In Bed,
11. She Called Me Daddy,
12. Hollywood Affair,
13. Nightclubbing.

PLUS BONUS TRACKS (53 minutes):
14. Rip It Up (Elvis Tribute Show, October 1994),
15. Heart Is Saved (Harald Schmidt Show, February 1996),
16. I Wanna Live (Live at the Paladium),
17. Lust For Life (MTV Music Awards Europe),
18. Louie Louie (Feile Festival),
19. Wild America (promo video with T/C),
20. Beside You (MTV Most Wanted, 1993),
21. Heart Is Saved (MTV Hanging Out, June 1996),
22. Lust For Life (MTV Hanging Out, June 1996),
23. Backdoor Man (Hall Of Fame Concert, Ohio),
24. I Wanna Be Your Dog (MTV Most Wanted, 1993),
25. Beside You (Top Of The Pops, May 1995),
26. Louie Louie (Unplugged with Eric).

One hour private concert recorded on december 12 1999 at the nulle part ailleurs studios for french tv channel canal+. it's a very jazzy/crooner type of thing (cabaret style). special guests: johnny depp on guitar for 2 songs, vanessa paradis (french singer/actress & also, incidently, mr depp's girlfriend) for 2 songs, chrissie hynde (the pretenders) for 2 songs & the medeschi trio (medeschi, martin & wood) for most of the gig... it's interesting, especially if you like his last album avenue b. i'm no iggy expert so i only recognized nazi girlfriend, nightclubbing (last song where iggy is joined on stage by all of his guests), some songs from avenue b (i felt the luxury & others, ??titles??) & a bunch of covers (one for my baby -frank sinatra, i'm a fool to want you -billie holiday, i wish you love, don't smoke in bed -nina simone, you go to my head...).

Nightclubbing In Paris - Paris, France 12/12/1999 - Johnny Depp, Chrissie Hynde and Vanessa Paradis join Iggy on stage.