Video Recordings


Pearl Jam
September 29, 1996
Downing Stadium
Randall's Island, New York, USA
1 Dual Layer DVD
3 Cam Mix
rcsguy664 + 2 others
Demuxed Original DVD > Vegas (Dubbing & Mixing) > Architect 5.2 > DVD5
Animal Projects

01. Intro
02. Sometimes
03. Go
04. Spin the Black Circle
05. Hail Hail
06. Animal
07. Tremor Chirst
08. Ed talking
09. Who You Are
10. Corduroy
11. Lukin
12. Ed talking...
13. Betterman
14. Not For You
15. Jeremy
16. Once
17. Rats
18. Last Exit
19. Habit
20. Rearviewmirror
21. Immortality
22. Whipping
23. I Got Shit
24. Black
25. Alive
26. Porch


27. Encore Break
28. In My Tree
29. Even Flow
30. Daughter/(The Real Me)/(ABitW-II)/(WMA)
31. Mankind
32. Long Road
33. Leaving Here
34. Off He Goes
35. Present Tense
36. Yellow Ledbetter

03 Camera-mix

-Center far shot (missing half of YLB)
-Flor shoot (incomplete)
-Right far shot (incomplete)

Audio Sources:
PCM Stereo: ECM-909 > D8 > DAT > CD-R > EQ > (mic taped to 15 ft stand)

Video Sources:
Central Cam: Master
Floor Shot: 1st Gen VHS
Right shot: Low Gen VHS

Main Central Cam was almost complete, except for a few missing sections here and there. YLB cut in the middle.

Floor shot: Great shot, great picture quality. The taper managed to get some really good shots form stage, even considering the fact that there were a lot of lot people in front of him/her, and the really energentic crowd. Unfortunately, just the first hour and the end of the show were recorded, but it is better than nothing. Video was adjusted to match the rest of the sources (video and audio), since it had different speed.

Right shot: Good shot. Stage almost the whole time on focus, but really shaky, so video was stabilized for a better viewing experience. Picture quality is not perfect, but is a very nice addition to the mix.

Screenshot Preview Screenshot Preview Screenshot Preview Screenshot Preview Screenshot Preview Screenshot Preview