Video Recordings

Iron Maiden
April 29, 1981
Beat Club
Bremen, Germany
video cassette (2nd gen.?) -> DVD -> DVD Smartripper > DVD Architect > DVD5

Fancy re-made version

1 Ides of march
2 Prowler
3 Phantom of the opera
4 Iron Maiden
5 Wrathchild
6 Innocent exile
7 Sanctuary 
8 Another life (cut at end)

28:06 min

Original version seeded by kips1963

1 Ides of march
2 Prowler
3 Sanctuary
4 Phantom of the opera
5 Iron Maiden
6 Wrathchild
7 Innocent exile
8 Sanctuary
9 Another life (cut at end)

32:26 min

Fancy version changes:
EQ: added a small dose of low bass and 2 db at the 2k area.

Wrathchild the fade in/out before the chorus is corrected. I´ve added the sound from verse two and crossfaded.

I took out the first Sanctuary and took some of the picture at the end of the first version and put that at the end of the second Sanctuary. There was a small wooble in a couple of frames so i changed it. Plus before the Another life starts we will se two seconds more of Iron Maiden instead of A mother and her son looking happily at Iron Maiden

I´ve also added a bit of reverb on the music. Not too much Just to enhance the experience. The band sound so bleak with out so i took some artistic freedom here!

And at last i cut out all inbetween banter from the anouncer Uschi Nerke and fix the bit of Ides of march. I changed the picture so we don´t have to see the tracking text from the VCR.

Happy viewing!

Notes about the original version :

This is the famous appearance of Iron Maiden on Beat Club, a German weekly TV show in the '70's/early '80's that also featured bands like Saxon, Dokken, April Wine and....ABBA.
The band plays live for half an hour in front of a studio audience and seems a bit nervous. They make quite a few mistakes throughout the set ('Sanctuary'!). Nonetheless, it's a great, energetic show from Maiden in what I consider their best period.
The video is a PAL recording, taken from what I guess is a 2nd generation video tape. Picture quality is pretty good, although there is some colour bleeding. I think I'd give the picture a VG to VG+ rating. Audio quality is great, but in mono. Furthermore, the Maiden concert was aired on Beatclub in two parts, on 2 different dates. For some reason,  they decided to show 'Santuary' on both dates... Rather than butcher the videotape to edit one 'Sactuary' out I decided to leave 
both shows intact. 


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