Video Recordings

Interviews with Kurt

Length: 35 mins - incomplete
Approximately 55 minutes total
Transferred by: Allen Deane
Video: 8 mb/s MPEG-2 CBR (720x480) [NTSC Format]
Audio: 48 KHz PCM
Equipment: Captured with Pinnacle DC1000 capture card using an Aiwa MX100 multiformat VCR. 
Intro Menu: Interviews with Kurt
   -> Plays part of "Oh, Me"
08/10/1993 - Much Music Interview, Riverfront Hotel, Seattle, WA, US
Interview lasts 19:14
12/13/1993 lasts 35:03
08/10/93 Much Music Interview
12/13/93 MTV Interview
LN's Notes for 08/10/93:
Kurt is interviewed by Much Music prior to the release of "In Utero".
There is a single camera focused on Kurt for the entire interview.
The interview is of excellent quality.
LN's Notes for 12/13/93:
This is the portion of the interview that has not been broadcast on MTV,
numerous clips not included on this DVD have been shown in various specials
and tributes.
Additional notes:
Both of the interviews are much more intimate and personal versus the
12/10/1993 interview in St. Paul Minnesota, US in which Kurt speaks
with the rest of the band members. In the 08/10/1993 and the 12/13/1993
interviews, Kurt's by himself, relating his private thoughts, and revealing
much more about himself. Don't be fooled by the VHS(x) sourcing of the
disc. The 2 interviews are of very good quality. Has an interactive menu
that plays part of "Oh Me" while showing Kurt being interviewed on both
sides. You can click onto either interview. After the interview completes, it
goes back to the main menu playing "Oh Me" again...repeating loop.
Interviews with Kurt

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