Video Recordings

Foo Fighters
November 15, 1995
Brixton Academy
London, England
VCR -> Pinnacle Dazzle -> Virtual Dub -> CCESP2 -> TMPGEnc3
TV->VHS(1) NTSC->AVI->MPEG-2 8mbps/LPCM 48khz->DVDR
Brad Collins(foofanatic)

1. Enough Space
2. This Is A Call
3. Winnebago
4. Wattershed
5. For All The Cows
6. Weenie Beenie
7. Big Me
8. I'll Stick Around
9. Alone + Easy Target
10.Up In Arms
11.Gas Chamber

This is probably the most famous Foo Fighters pro shot video out there. This was broadcast on both MTV Europe and US MTV. Great close up shots of all the guys and nice pro shot footage of early versions of Enough Space and Up In Arms before they were recorded on The Colour and the Shape. A previous transfer of this known as the Boddah transfer has pretty much the same
quality video as this transfer but that version was missing the little interview skits in between songs and commercial breaks. When I did my transfer I left those little interviews in so it's complete. This one is also 8mbps video with 48khz LPCM WAV audio. So this is totally lossless. Unless someone has an S-VHS copy of this around that's not shared I think this will be the best we are gonna do on this unless MTV ever decides to re-broadcast the whole thing again someday.

There are a number of sources out there for this show. 2 audience audio recordings and 1 complete audience video that has surfaced. I know that some of this set was broadcast on BBC Radio 1 around the time the Foos played this show. If anyone has that or know someone that does, please contact me. As of now no FM broadcast of this has ever been shared.