Video Recordings

November 12, 2009
Clutch Cargo's
Pontiac, Michigan, USA
Cosmic Egg
1 Dual Layer DVD
Sanyo HD 1000 (720P)
Richard Simms (Sullen)
56:49 Min

1. Dimension
2. Cosmic Egg
3. California Queen
4. New Moon Rising
5. Woman
6. 10,000 Feet*
7. White Feather
8. Apple Tree
9. In the Castle
10. Vagabond
11. Back Round
12. Joker & the Thief

*missing: White Unicorn and Colossal

Andrew Stockdale: vocals & guitar
Ian Peres: bass & keyboards
Aidan Nemeth: rhythm guitar
Dave Atkins: drums

AVCHD disc
7.56 GB

This is an AVCHD disc and will play in set-top Blu-ray players. It is not compatible with DVD players. Press the AUDIO button on your player's remote to select the original camera audio or newly-edited soundboard soundtrack. Press the NEXT chapter button to skip between songs.

ORIGINAL SOURCE (video and audio):
Sanyo HD1000 (720p MP4 60fps), except*
*10,000 Feet: Kodak 720p MP4

All songs except 10,000 Feet*:
Sanyo HD1000 (720p MP4 60fps) > PowerDirector 7 (Reduce Shake Filter) > 720p MPEG2 HDV 30fps > Compressor (Apple Pro Res/PCM audio) > Final Cut Pro (edit) > Compressor (MPEG2/AC-3) > MPEG Streamclip (mux & convert to TS)

*Kodak Easyshare Z1485 1S (720p MP4) > Compressor (Apple Pro Res/PCM audio) > Soundtrack Pro (EQ, adjust levels, fix clipping) & Final Cut Pro (edit)

Audio has been re-edited to incorporate soundboard sources from several other shows, synched to the video. While it's not authentic or even perfectly in synch, it does make for a better viewing experience than the original distorted camera soundtrack.

Edited TS file > MPEG Streamclip (demux to m2v & AC-3, demux to AIFF) +

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10: 11/24/09 Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, California WWO High Voltage Pre-FM silver CD
Track 3: 10/19/09 "Live de la semaine Canal+" diffusé sur OuiFM, Studio 104, La Plaine St-Denis, France (FM(Aiwa XR MN-75) > Edirol r-09hr > SD > USB > decoupage (Magix audio cleanic 2004) > Db poweramp music converter)
Tracks 4 and 7: 12/11/09 The Toff, Melbourne, AU (Nova FM broadcast)
Tracks 8, 9 and 12: 1/29/10 Tonhalle, Munich, Germany (FM broadcast FLAC)

All audio converted to 48khz and edited & synched in Final Cut Pro > WAV + original MPEG2 & AC3 > tsMuxerGUI

All video shot by Richard Simms (sullen), except 10,000 Feet* shot by JasonA
Edited & authored by JasonA
Thanks to Nitehawk for additional audio track 

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