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A. Moore
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Anthony Moore

01 - Woman - 2:57
02 - White Unicorn - 6:34
03 - Joker & The Thief - 4.55
04 - Love Train - 2.53
05 - Dimension - 5.22
06 - Interviews - 11:28

Info From AOL site:

The day before recording this session in our Los Angeles studio was the first the band had been able to take in eight weeks. Yes, it's been pretty flat tack for the boys of late, not that you’ll catch them complaining. They've been weaving their way across the US behind their debut album, which cracked the top 20, and the buzz behind the band has been growing since some storming gigs at the month-long industry showcase at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.

The comparisons with the likes of led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are wearing a little thing for Stockdale: No one ever talks about Dimension sounding like - The Stooges. Even in Vagabond, there's a bit of The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. All of those bands are from the same family tree of rock you know.
They all drank from the same fountain [as us]."      

Similarly, at first glances you might think the band is about fantasy, what with the artwork on the album and titles such as White Unicorn but Stockdale nixes that one as well. Maybe you pick up the album and you look at it. You quickly brush over the titles, you think, Oh there's fantasy artwork on the front and there's a song called White Unicorn - all this is fantasy. But [the lyric] is 'There's a white unicorn tattoo on her shoulder'. There's so much mysticism in everyday life. We're just opening up a realm of lyrical content other than 'I met her. We held hands and she didn't love me - now I wish I were dead."

The band got down to business on the set designed to mimic the Australian outback and let rip. Once into Dimension, Stockdale zones out, while Ross never stops moving whether riffing on the bass or twisting his keyboard on its stand, especially through Woman. Heskett hammers the beat down through White Unicorn and keeps things driving forward through Love Train and the set comes to a bombastic finale with Joker & The Thief.

It's that energy that’s filling halls around the world and as Stockdale points out: For a whole new generation that has grown up with emo, we come along and they're like, What is this?' There's a bit of primitive energy in our music, but it's still got the angst, aggression, rebellion and spirit - and I think younger people want that."

AOL Music Sessions

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