Video Recordings

The Stooges
xxxx, xxxx

Festival internacional de Benicassim
Benicassim, Spain 2007.07.19
1. loose
2. down on the street
3. 1969
4. i wanna be your dog
5. t.v. eye
6. my idea of fun
7. dirt
8. real cool time
9. no fun
10. 1970
11. fun house
12. skull ring
13. i wanna be your dog (reprise)

source: analog tv
transfer: tv > stand-alone dvd recorder(?) > ?? > dvd

Club ciudad de Buenos Aires [pepsi music festival]
Buenos aires, argentina 2006.09.22
1. i wanna be your dog
2. dead rock star

source: cable tv (la viola, tn) > vhs (master)
transfer: vhs (master) > hauppauge wintv-pvr usb2 > mpg2

Almeria natural music festival
Ejido, Spain 2007.08.03
1. 1969
2. i wanna be your dog

source: dvb stream
transfer: dvb stream > tmpgenc dvd author > dvd

DVD specifications:

FIB festival - video: 720x576, 25 fps, 4804kbps / audio: mp2, 48khz, 384 kb stereo

Pepsi music festival - video: 720x576, 25 fps, 6420kbps / audio: mp2, 48khz, 384 kb stereo

Natural music festival - video: 720x576, 25 fps, 3997kbps / audio: mp2, 48khz, 256 kb stereo

Notes from Shakes: the fib festival was originally found on + the seeder who captured this said it came from an analog tv source. that is all he mentioned about it nothing else. i was guessing it was from a stand-alone recorder because it had chapters every five minutes. i ran it through chapteredit v1.10 to add correct chapter marks to the file.

the pepsi music festival + almeria natural music festival were uploaded here on dimeadozen by ractrader and another user that i cannot remember, sorry. no information was given about the transfer of the almeria footage except that it was a captured dvb stream that had a menu with it. it originally contained some other artists, but i just retained the stooges footage.

all files were demuxed using projectx, to which i then took and compiled with dvdmaestro. the menus were created using photoshop and dvd menu studio. no re-encoding was done.

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