Video Recordings

Pearl Jam
April 12, 1992
New York, New York, USA
Ten - North America Tour - Part II
1 Dual Layer DVD
Video: 1st Gen VHS > JVC HRS-9911u > Firewire > CCE > DVDR

01 Oceans
02 Even Flow
03 Why Go
04 Jeremy
05 (Suggestion)/Deep
06 Alive
07 Black
08 State of Love and Trust
09 Once
10 Porch
11 Leash
12 Rockin' in the Free World
13 I've Got a Feeling
14 Release

Front Camera + Shot on Mikes side from balcony (various angles)

The source info is as follows:

Video Source =
* Mike side
VHS (Unknown Gen) > JVC HR-S991u (video stream routed through Sony Digital 8 for DV compression) > Firewire > Sony Vegas 4 [DVD NTSC w/CBR 8mbps] > Sony DVD Architect 2.0a
* Front camera
1st Gen VHS > JVC HRS-9911u > Firewire > CCE > DVDR

Audio Source:
* Mike Side + encore (front camera)
Source: AKG 451 cardioid mics -> Sony TCD-D3
Generation: DAT(M) -> aEQ via studio console/mixer -> DAT(c) 48khz -> FLAC
Transfer: DA-20 -> Monster coax -> DiO 2496 -> Soundforge 6.0
(resample to 44.1) -> CDWave -> FLAC frontend -> FLAC

Notes: aEQ was done by the taper and all circulating copies are EQ'ed. There is
minor right channel static/mic noise in places and 2 small dropouts during Black.

DVD-DL with two angles, DVD Architect 4.0 reencode angles to limit bitrate (6.000 kbps for each angle, 8.000 kbps for full DVD)

Chapters, from Front Camera source. Intro missing. Simple menus, for my self. Alfonsico
Video: 1st Gen VHS > JVC HRS-9911u > Firewire > CCE > DVDR
Audio: AKG451 > D3 > aEQ > DAT48(c) > 44KHz FLAC > 48KHz PCM

Taken from Five Horizons:

There are two videos of this show. The first one is tri-pod shot with a straight-ahead view and is up above the crowd. Good view of the stage and decent lighting but very few closeups, unfortunately. There is a cable draped down over the crowd between the camera and the stage that is a little distracting. Eddie is wearing the same T-shirt he had on the night before for their first Saturday Night Live appearance. (NO BUSH '92 on the back and a coat hanger design that Eddie did on the front that represents Bush's anti-abortion stance.) During Deep Eddie sings, "she doesn't like the view... she doesn't like the view" while lying on his back, as if he means to subtly explain the lines to the audience. Mike and Eddie slam a bit during State of Love and Trust. The band noodles a bit while Ed sings, "I'm not crazy" over and over again before going into Once. Eddie before Porch: "It seems like a lot of really nice people. I just wish I could jump in and join you. Somebody told me, 'Don't ever trust a New Yorker,' but I was thinking... it's a church so you could just pass me around like an offering plate." (The Limelight was an old church that was converted into a nightclub.) Then he laughingly adds, "but I know you'd tear me apart so fuck that... Fuck life. What the fuck -- we can die tomorrow -- we can die today. You can die when you leave here tonight -- why the fuck are we even trying? I don't blame you... for killing one another. Fuck it all -- one, two, three, four..." Eddie climbs up to the balcony during Porch. The camera can't decide who to focus on so we see the band on stage most of this time with the house strobe lights going, while Eddie edges his way all the way around the balcony until he reaches the right side (facing stage). The camera zeroes in on the stage and the crowd down front is all looking up to the right. The next thing you see is a body flying backwards off the balcony down into the pit below (a good ten to fifteen feet). Ed's fuckin' crazy. The crowd shifts and then carries Eddie back to the stage, where he sings, "Trust in people" repeatedly. Besides Mike and Eddie slamming and Ed's dive during Porch there isn't much exciting to see in this vid. Ed talks more and more to the crowd but you can hear all of that on an audio. A fan makes it on stage and Eddie tries to get him to sing a verse of I've Got a Feeling but the guy is shy. He does sing a bit with Ed and then as he dives into the crowd Ed says, "Thanks mister." :) The show ends with Release, a rare thing for them to do. (It is usually the first song.) The other video was shot from the balcony on the left side (facing stage) and has a better view. The closeups are almost too close.

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