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xxxx, 1967
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Dionne Warwick
Don't Make Me Over
The Windows of the World

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Day Tripper
Mais Que Nada

Eric Andersen
Rollin Home
Thirsty Boots

The Doors
The End (live)

Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit
Two Heads
The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil

Various Artists
The Rock Scene  Like it Is

(CBC Television show)
Broadcast Date: October 16, 1967

The O'Keefe Centre
Noel Harrison
The Jefferson Airplane
Eric Andersen
The Doors
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Dionne Warwick

This TV show is a superb time capsule from the late 1960s. It features performances (mostly lip-synched, as was the norm at the time) from some of the days contemporary musicians. It's truly of the moment and really is a treat to watch. The performances were taped at the CBCs Toronto studios in August and September, 1967.

From the telecast, here is the introductory statement from host Noel Harrison
Our show tonight is about today Is about the freeing of the mind through lyrics, poetry, music, sights and sounds. You dont have to like everything you see; and that is indeed a part of the philosophy of today. Today is where you are, whether you like it or not, so look at it. Were going to show you some of the young talent that is pushing back the frontiers and finding a whole new scene for themselves

m pre-broadcast interview with Harrison in the Globe and Mail I think its going to be the best popular music program ever produced on TV Harrison said. Its honest; isnt trying to feed anybody any lines. The English have no money to do this type of thing; the Americans get panicky. Yeah, Canadian TV seems much more open. The media in the States are worried only about creating the effect. Up here they give us enough time to record

This TV show was liberated from the CBC archives in about 1995.

The Rock Scene '67 - CBC TV Studios