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Pearl Jam
November 22, 1991
State Theatre (Clubland)
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Even Flow
Why Go

(5H) A very chatty show. Ed greets the crowd with "Good evening. A really nice place you have here. I don't know if you've been waiting for this but we have so ..." 'Release' leads in with "heys" instead of "whoas" and lyrics are changed to "We're in Detroit, like you somehow." Then, "OK, let's get this distortion here. The rest of the night's fuckin balls to the wall." After 'Even Flow,' Ed notes, "I like the way this is set up: you got the hardcore fans right up front, the cool people are right after them - they're happy to go nuts with just their arms folded. And then in the back we got all these PEOPLE playing with themselves." During 'Once,' he sings, "I got nothing to say, except throw those guys out a window." Later: "I don't suppose any of you guys are Pistons fans, huh? Just ... while no one's around ... I just wanna tell ya: I feel really bad that the Bulls beat em. I'm ... fuckem. I hate those fuckin Bulls, man. Those fuckin bastards. What an ego that Jordan guy's got, huh? I should tell you though: Michael Jordan is my illegitimate father. And Jeff, right after, (to Jeff: you ready to go?) Jeff and I are gonna go watch the Pistons play the Knicks as soon as we walk off stage. So, who should we root for? (crowd yells "Pistons") This is for the Pistons ... 1-2-3-4."

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