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Pearl Jam
September 30, 1991
San Francisco, California, USA

Even Flow
Suggestion/State of Love and Trust
Why Go
I've Got a Feeling

(5H) Bad day for the band it seems. Equipment problems are apparent and fights break out in the crowd a lot. During 'Even Flow,' Ed gets disgusted and flings the mic to the floor, choosing to bellow out the lyrics unaided. He can tell people in the back can't hear him though, so he quickly picks it back up. A capella version of Fugazi's 'Suggestion.' Ed stands on a monitor and then tumbles into the audience during 'Alive.' 'Garden' starts, and after the first verse Ed sees a fight in the first row and breaks it up, then sings the second verse from down on the floor, which seems to calm people down. Then he says, "All right I'll trust you guys to be friends," and climbs back up on stage. Ed suddenly jumps into the crowd again during 'Jeremy,' probably to break up another fight, since three crew members pile in after him. After 'Why Go,' Ed quips, "I'm out of breath and Mike's out of clothes." Someone in the front hands Ed a home-made stickman T-shirt. Ed says, "This thing, gentlemen, is illegal," and then laughs. "Who did this? We love it." Ed is holding it up for the audience to see and Jeff comes over to get a better look at it. Ed says, "Pretty good job!" and Jeff is smiling and seems to agree. "I think he's gettin' better than you, Jeff." Ed reads the tag, "100% cotton," shrugs and smiles. The mood lightens up a bit, and Ed climbs like a maniac during 'Porch.' The end of the song is sung from the rafters. 'I've Got a Feeling' is a Beatles cover. (PJ's studio version appears on the Japanese release of Ten and early promo releases of 'Alive'). Long, jammy version, with Mike adding Hendrix bits and Ed improvising lyrics.

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