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The Beatles
The Complete Cartoon Series
5 DVDs
Lighthouse Keeper
Lighthouse Keeper

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 1
Episodes 1 - 5

Episode 1
01.A Hard Days Night
02.Singalong (Not A Second Time, Devil In Her Heart)
03. I Want To Hold Your Hand

Episode 2
04. Do You Want To Know A Secret
05. Singalong (A Hard Days Night, I Want To Hold Your Hand)
06. If I Fell

Episode 3
07.Please Mister Postman
08.Singalong (If I Fell, Do You Want To Know A Secret)
09. Devil In Her Heart

Episode 4
10.Not A Second Time
11.Singalong (Baby's In Black, Misery)
12. Slow Down

Episode 5
13. Baby's In Black
14. Singalong (I'll Get You, Chains)

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 2
Episodes 6 - 10

Episode 6
01. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
02. Singalong (Slow Down, Honey Don't)
03. Chains

Episode 7
04. I'll Get You
05. Singalong (You've Really Got A Hold On Me, Any Time At All)
06. Honey Don't

Episode 8
07. Anytime At All
08. Singalong (I'll Be Back, Little Child)
09. Twist And Shout

Episode 9
10. Little Child
11. Singalong (Long Tall Sally, Twist And Shout)
12. I'll Be Back

Episode 10
13. Long Tall Sally
14. Singalong (I'll Follow The Sun, When I Get Home)
15. I'll Cry Instead

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 3
Episodes 11 - 15

Episode 11
01. I'll Follow The Sun
02. Singalong (I'll Cry Instead, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby)
03. When I Get Home

Episode 12
04. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
05. Singalong (I'm A Loser, I Wanna Be Your Man)
06. I Should Have Known Better

Episode 13
07. I'm A Loser
08. Singalong (No Reply, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You)
09. I Wanna Be Your Man

Episode 14
10. Don't Bother Me
11. Singalong (It Won't Be Long, I Should Have Known Better)
12. No Reply

Episode 15
13. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
14. Singalong (Don't Bother Me, Can't Buy Me Love)
15. Mister Moonlight
The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 4
Episodes 16 - 20

Episode 16
01. Can't Buy Me Love
02. Singalong (Anna, Mister Moonlight)
03. It Won't Be Long

Episode 17
04. Anna
05. Singalong (Matchbox, Thank You Girl)
06. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

Episode 18
07. Matchbox
08. Singalong (I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, Help!)
09. Thank You Girl

Episode 19
10. From Me To You
11. Singalong (Mister Postman, I Saw Her Standing There)
12. Boys

Episode 15
13. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
14. Singalong (Ticket To Ride, From Me To You)
15. I Saw Her Standing There

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 5
Episodes 21 - 25

Episode 21
01. What You're Doing
02. Singalong (Dizzy Miss Lizzy, All My Loving)
03. Money

Episode 22
04. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
05. Singalong (Bad Boy, Tell Me Why)
06. She Loves You

Episode 23
07. Bad Boy
08. Singalong (Please Please Me, Hold Me Tight)
09. Tell Me Why

Episode 24
10. I Feel Fine
11. Singalong (What You're Doing, There's A Place)
12. Hold Me Tight

Episode 25
13. Please Please Me
14. Singalong (Roll Over Beethoven, Rock & Roll Music)
15. There's A Place

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 6
Episodes 26 - 30

Episode 26
01. Roll Over Beethoven
02. Singalong (I Feel Fine, She Loves You)
03. Rock & Roll Music

Episode 27
04. Eight Days A Week
05. Singalong (Run For Your Life, Girl)
06. I'm Looking Through You

Episode 28
07. Help!
08. Singalong (The Night Before, Day Tripper)
09. We Can Work It Out

Episode 29
10. I'm Down
11. Singalong (Eight Days A Week, Paperback Writer)
12. Run For Your Life

Episode 30
13. Drive My Car
14. Singalong (Yesterday, We Can Work It Out)
15. Tell Me What You See
The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 7
Episodes 31 - 35

Episode 31
01. I Call Your Name
02. Singalong (I Feel Fine, Wait)
03. The Word

Episode 32
04. All My Loving
05. Singalong (I'm Looking Through You, Nowhere Man)
06. Day Tripper

Episode 33
07. Nowhere Man
08. Singalong (And I Love Her, Michelle)
09. Paperback Writer

Episode 34
10. Penny Lane
11. Singalong (Good Day Sunshine, Rain)
12. Strawberry Fields

Episode 35
13. And Your Bird Can Sing
14. Singalong (Penny Lane, Eleanor Rigby)
15. Got To Get You Into My Life

The Beatles
Cartoon Series
Volume 8
Episodes 36 - 39 & Extras

Episode 36
01. Good Day Sunshine
02. Singalong (Stawberry Fields Forever, And Your Bird Can Sing)
03. Ticket To Ride

Episode 37
04. Taxman
05. Singalong (Got To Get You Into My Life, Here, There & Everywhere)
06. Eleanor Rigby

Episode 38
07. Tomorrow Never Knows
08. Singalong (She Said, Long Tall Sally)
09. I've Just Seen A Face

Episode 39
10. Wait
11. Singalong (Penny Lane)
12. I'm Only Sleeping

13. Outro
14. The End

Lighthouse Keeper Production of the complete Beatles Cartoon Series. This is an excellent collection on 8 PC Authored DVD's. Includes 1 CD of Artwork.

The Beatles cartoons were screened in the US from September 25, 1965 to April 20, 1969 on ABC Television. They were then seen in syndication and overseas. The series was also repeated in the US in 1986 and 1987 on MTV. Al Brodax and his King Features team created the cartoon series in New York. Due to time constraints, three other studios were subcontracted to help. They were Artransa Park in Australia, Cine-Centrum in Holland, and CanaWest in Vancouver, BC.

The Beatles themselves did not provide the voices for their cartoon counterparts. The voices were provided by actors, including world-renowned voice-over artist, Paul Frees, an American, who provided the voices of John and George.

Englishman, Lance Percival, provided the voices of Paul and Ringo. Al Brodax decided to Americanise The Beatles Liverpudlian accents so the American kids could understand them. This led to much controversy, and the Fab Four themselves were most displeased. The voice controversy led to the series not being screened very much in the UK, and not until the 1970s.

The series performed exceptionally well in the ratings when it first appeared. The ratings started to decline though, in 1966, mainly due to the Caped Crusader! When the live action Batman show premiered in 1966, kids fell in love with superheroes. Many copycat shows appeared such as Space Ghost, Frankenstein Junior, etc, and The Beatles series was never the same in the ratings.

There were other reasons, not least of which was the growth and maturity of The Beatles' music

The Complete Cartoon Series

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